Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dog For Sale

This is Teddy, one of the two mutts in our house. We've had him for about 2 years now, we got him as a rescue dog. In that he apperd on our door step, and was brought into the family as ''Teddy'', the ma chose the name. I'd rather somthing more masculine, instead of calling ''Teddy'' to come in. However recently i was listening to music on the 'puter and the sound stared cracking and the lead was being pulled on. You got it he ate through €60 worth of ear phones.
So €60 or best offer for this loveable obedient mutt.
Nah couldnt do it!! Who the fuck will get my slippers?

Food Joints

Incase ya never met me i've a bit of a sweet tooth,

Some of my fav foodaries

The Earl, on Earl st (by the spike) Fucking lovely jam doughnuts!

Raheny Chino (havent been in a while)

Fabios Coolock village, Lovely steak sambo and garlic bread on batch loaf.

Macaris Raheny village, Tony give me the usuall.

Thunders in Clontarf (only recently found) Cherry cake 5*'s

BTW i'm not into any of that health crap, dunno how anybody can eat roasted headghog shite, it's beyond me.

Dear Bloggy Woggy

Me bad i've been working like a arab for the last while, so appolgys for the lack of posts.

Paraghraph of what ya missed.

Woman drivers dont like me, fight with barber, bloked the whole city, got off in court (not the dirty way), i'm crap at tiger kidnappings, i've still got the moves, TR are a sneaky shower of fuckers, I DONT LOOK LIKE MICHEAL MOORE WHEN I WEAR A HAT!!, Taxi drivers are a diffrent breed of people.