Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepers and Sausage Sambo's

Lovely one 1st off two chickens to Drinam Woods in Portmarnock, wanna check out the gaffs somthing like you'd see in LA big gaffs on thier own piece of land and completely separate from any other house, hmm might be able to buy one ya know seeeings how we dont have pot to relive outselfs.

Second victim of the night was a lets say ''Mildly inebriated gobshite'' heading to coppers he decided to have a few ZZZ while using me as a coushin, what with the traffic from Camden st up to Georges st took the guts of 20 mins from one end to the other, he paid up in petrol money (in cents), he gets out and mutters somthing in his drunken state, Mupppet.

Then a few handy ones (the way i like it) all about the Northside, anyroad i found myself out in Howth (yes im a Howthie taxi driver) so i was 1st on the rank and i see this yung fella trying to hail i wasnt paying any attention as he looked like trouble. But to my dismay he found the top of the rank and me subsequently (Bollix) ''Malahide please'' he mumbles, we get as far as Sutton X and he's insisting we turn left (back upto the summit and ending back in Howth village) as he thought turning right was heading back for Howth village.
Right so he falls back asleap putting the four on the floor to use i booted up the hill and down thru Howth village to the Garda station (where the fun and games really begin) i hop out leaving jack the ripper in the taxi, garda comes out and i explain the situation, garda comes over and asks for happy harrys side of the story, he starts spewing gick and saying that ''I just wanna go home he's not bringing me!!'' the cheek.

So me and the two Garda stood thier trying to get the dough off him €20, so i eventually get it and he was still insisting i brought him home (i politely turn him down) reversing out and he come out chasing me followed by the shades, and a minor scuffle ensues and he's getting free board for the night. Thanks again piggies.

Heading thru Donaghmede about 3am and i get a hail to Ranelagh (Lovely) chatting to the girl and she say she knows me?? Oh phuck from where i ask, she was giving me roundabout answers for the whole way, hoping it was nothing scandalious. Tuned out she was in the year ahead of me when i was in primary school.

Headed for me breakfast about 4.30 when all the victims were gone home and nothing but yellow to be seen, Pulled up for meeting in S.T.U.D Westmoreland St chapter (Spar Taxi Drivers Union) i know it doesnet exactally spell STUD but it sounds damn good. Heading in for me sausage sambo and tea, so this fella knock on me window just as i was getting out ''Will ya go to Tallaght??'' YES I WILL!!! He hopps in and usuall gacking session ensued. So when i dropped him off i head back into town (bout 4.45) head back in for the meeting at S.T.U.D to catch up with the last minutes, heading back into the car this fella stops me, ''Will ya go to Beaumount'' just as i was tucking into me Sausie Sambo, So the big streel of piss gets in usuall sleeper, and dropped him just off Beaumont Hospital.

I had to endure a cold Sausie Sambo. Thanks to one streel of piss.

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