Friday, February 20, 2009

There's a Recession on the Radio

Every fucking station is gacking on about this recession bollox, and i've a pain in my reproductive organs with it. Bulmers today, SF Tech last week, Dublin Bus last month. Who knows whats next? Fuck it there's a old saying ''The only people who know how to run a country are busy driving taxi's'' How apt!

Every other day theres a scandal or golden handshake, golden circle and golden showers. HAHA

The protests have taken a turn for the worst, one of the main lads Colm O Brien who is the president of CTDA who orginised the protests, has been on national radio saying that he opposes the morotourim on taxi licences.

So unless they put there cards on the table and if they have a hidden agenda, i'll be thinking again of going to any other protests, i wasnt at the last one but i've heard from drivers that they were handing out collection buckets. I respect the drivers who wish to protest (it's looking that 2009 is the year of the protests) but i'll be thinking of going again.

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