Monday, February 2, 2009

Taxi Protest Dublin

Well the wheels are in motion! A few taxi drivers who work the kesh orginised a march protest in Dublin today, i was there and we marched from Parnell Sq onto Dempsys office to had in a letter to demand a monotarium on plates then the same to Fitzer Sq (where Kat's place is)

I took my camera along and took a few shots;

O'connel St

Empty on the main

O'connel St 2

Empty On Sackville Place

The Few who decided to work

O'Connel Bridge

D'oiler St

D'oiler St 2

College Green

Drivers having a ''chat'' with a few drivers who decied to work

Tv3 & RTE were the too

Dempsys Office

Gardai holding back taxi's from passing the protest

The Palace

The spirits are high after this meet, hopefull there was talk of another one next monday with drivers from all over Ireland. Here's for hopeing!


  1. good photos, liking the new look

  2. Thanks man hope to get a better turn out again for next monday!

  3. Look at that sad bunch of smelly fat assed ex cons.
    Why dont you get of your backsides and get an education.
    You might be able to get a real job then.
    Your parents must be so proud of you.

    "My son is so useless, he can only get a job driving real men around the city".