Wednesday, January 21, 2009

100% Dubliner

Been a hectic week, had to say goodbye to my gran. I've always been close to her chat and talk to her about anything, and she'd always bring a smile to your face.

But anyway, chatting to my ma tonight remanising and what not. She told me where my gran was from Sundrive Road in Crumlin, my granda he was Inchicore (The Ranch) on account that wild horses used to roam freely. I know my da's side of the family, my gran is originally from Thomas St, and my granda is from the Liberites.

My not sound anything special but to have your parents from Dublin, but all four of your Grandparents from Dublin is a bit rare. Even more so that both of my parents grew up on Northside (Raheny & Beaumount) despite my Grandparents coming from the Southside.

Back then the likes of Inchicore was considerd the boarder of the Countryside and the likes of Beaumount and Raheny was defo considerd the countryside & there was no Northside/Southside divide.

Always nice to know where you've come from.


  1. I go back three generations but all from milltown/ ranelagh/ donnybrook area, not quite "real dub" locations

  2. Yer a 100% Dubliner, but back in the day the like's of miltown, donnybrook & ranelagh was probably considerd the countryside (what we'd class as kildare or wicklow today)

  3. Sorry to hear the sad news.

    My da was from Donnybrook and my mother from Ballyfermot, he used to walk from his to hers back in the day, mad spoon! They moved to Dundrum when they got married, positively the sticks back in the 70's!