Sunday, January 11, 2009

Throwing More Shapes Than Barney On Blow

After a truely dire Friday nights work i decided to go out and drown me sorrows last night.
Headed for Kiernans on Dame St to meet up with a few of the lads nice enough Pub, but there was commotion from down stairs, as in what i thought was a Brothel.

There i was necking a few Scooners then ya see Birds coming and going wearing tight leather, Porno stars had more on thier backs then these chicks, all rocker/goth heads, no not for me.

So we headed for Dorans there was me ''Throwing More Shapes Than Barney On Blow'' or dancing for the lay terms. Not a look wide ways at any one, so went up to one Bird said ''Hello may i have this dance?'' - Me being the gent that i am, she looked at me up and down and had a head on here that i just pissed in her Cornfakes.

So Fuck that said my goodbyes headed for Westmoreland St got a brekkie roll and headed up O' Connel St to hail a Joer, got my arse into a Lexus GS 300 01, Driver then tells me it's been non stop all night? Feck it any road, heading out soon have a bit to make up!


  1. Welcome to blogland......god help you

  2. Tight Leather? Gotta check that one out :D