Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dollaz

Expensive week (not over) 1st this morning was a €70 drop off to Skan atm to pick up my safety kit with mikey mouse regulations over 2Kg fire extingusher and other such bollox. The TR (Taxi Regulator) is starting to fine drivers for not having them, the fine is €250 if you do not have one in your taxi.
Then i had to book my meter to be resealed €90.70, thats getting done next Friday. And just today i’m picking my Taxi back up later today (bout a hour or so) she was in for a Auto fluid and Rad Coolant change dont really wanna think of the cost but, it could be a hell of alot worse. With more and more job losses in the Country it’s making for depressing times all round. Just yeasterday 1900 jobs were lost in Limerick, those people had loans out for thier houses that they paid for in the boom time and now still paying for it when the arse has fallen out of the Housing Market.
Out last nite so not much being done work wise, but heading out tonight and see how the land lies.

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