Sunday, January 11, 2009

The X-Mas Season

Bit late for to be thinking about it now, but worked it and enjoyed doing it, no messys, no druggies, the car wasnt used for a brothel, well it was used for a sitting in divorce court . All quitened now on the western front.
Last night was a quiet one set up nicely with a fare from Sutton to Tara Towers Hotel in Blackrock, she was all chat. She was heading for a friends night out she told me she’s going to meet a ‘’friend'’ in the Foggy Dew Pub later on who was somone who she met over the internet, and this girl was good looking funny and smart, we shared the simmilar interests (music) but here’s the killer she was 41 but my god she didnt look it! had her down for late 20’s at most. So i did the gentlemanly thing, i gave her my number if she needed a lift back to Sutton and said ‘’if it doesnt work out with yer man give us a buzz'’ she laughd and said ‘’I'm old enough to be your mother'’, thought you can tuck me up anynight love. So was looking at the dog and bone all night but no joy . Ce la vie!
Not much around the city so headed for the burbs and gave up at 3.30. didnt fare too bad for the night that was in it.

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