Monday, January 12, 2009

Taxi Drivers Law

Is the law that ensures you when you have a passanger in the car that you've waited 3/4 of a hour to find, Every single person on the streets is looking for a taxi guaranteed!

Bit of a messy night last night, picked up a young one last night down by the new o2 arena, heading for Sean Mc Dermot st, or as she called it ''Sean Maker streee luv''.

It transpired that she was going to her ''fellitz gaff'' to pick somthing up off him, and wanted me to wait for her to bring her back home to Sherrif st ''Sherrifer'' so we reach SMDS she goes in and leaves here phone on the seat as collateral (Working class people will always do this, the higher up the social ladder people become the higher up their hole they get)
So it was about 5 mins waiting for her, hear a bit of commotion coming from the house (shouting and screaming, and banging and clatterin') then the reason becomes clear, apparantely ''Anto'' yer 'wans ''fellit'' was caught riding some other 'wan from Emmet st!

So the usuaul ''See yew ye toerag ever near my fellit again and i'll hook ye around the streee ye cunt'' yer man was there trying to defused the situation, but he did drop the ball and a small cat fight ensued, when i say cat fight i mean punches and kicks between the two ''ladies''.
Our Romeo ''Anto'' finally breaks it up telling yer wan from Emmet St to fuck off, which she does, Anto comes over to aid his love, not before getting a full force slap across the face.

Yer one comes back into the car, emotional and tearey eyes. Felt sorry for the poor girl, not only having to find out in the way she did but having it aired on the street. She thanked me for waiting, i played dumb and asked what was it all about? She tuned to me and said ''All because that cunt of a cousin'', and on that note i bit her a farewell.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at her next family reunion.

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