Monday, January 12, 2009



Traditional music i've always had a interest in, despite no knowing one end of a flute to the next.
In my taxi i've hooked up my I-pod to the head unit so there's about 7,000 songs on tap, some muppet was adamant last night that Kelly The Boy From Killane is trad song, i argued the point that it was republican music NOT trad.

I'd put Jigs and Reels in the catagory of trad;

Or on the other hand we've purely IRA anthems that some ill informed muppets class as trad.

I love the Wolfetones but i would never class them as trad


  1. I play what ever i want, but yea mostly i'd eye up a person before they get into the taxi and decide what kinda music they'd be into.

    Knacks, Wolfetones
    Rockers, Lizzy
    Couples, Barry White
    Mid 20's-30's, Tom Waits
    50's-60's, The Dubliners

  2. Yeah I have a playlist for every occasion too

  3. Sometimes, if the customer is dead cert kosher, I let them pick up my iPod and choose the music. Works on many levels, keeps them occupied(ie. not talking nonsense) and they're happy with the music choice (theirs) = a euro or two tip! It's weird most people go for the same stuff, all the power ballads, go Meatloaf and Guns N Roses, lol!

  4. Jaysus ronan, i've only ever let one bird flik thu my ipod, mainly because...... em lets just say short top. Wouldnt be making a habit of it for every Thomas Richard And Harold.