Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Couples And A Wet Patch

Picked up a Polish couple last night wanting to go to thier car and then to Clongriffin, didnt ask many questions on why they were going to thier car 1st and then home.

So we got to his car, he hopped in and tryed to start it no joy, so he hops back into my car and says in broken English ''Clongriffin please'' so we drop off his lady friend (1st date) and he wants to go back to his car to start it agian, so i oblige. Again no joy, he starts swearing and blinding ''Culva mach''- (Son of a Bitch). Who says i'm not cultured eh?

So the clock was at €20 at this stage, he hops back in and says ''Pillerstown'' hadnt a fucking notion of were that is, tuns out he wanted to go to ''Tyrellstown'' in Blanch. I nearly creamed myself with excitement as we were in Donaghmede!!

So out over the N32 and M50, he was gacking out of him cursing yer wan and in the same breath ''Nice Girl'', then the asshole starts haggling with me €50!! he barks, it was €65 to his door, didnt want to have to waste my time arguning over, so we settled it at €55. So it was out of dodge foot to the floor.

Then picked up this two off the rank could see the tension before they set thier arses on me leather, she says ''Baldoyle'', not much was said for about 5 mins then it started ''See yeww ya cunt why the fuck didnt ya get out at 8am today'' proper cat and dog stuff. Yer wan starts slapping and punching yer man in the back seat, no if it had of been vise-versa he'd be in Beaumount hospital, cant stand violence with women. He contained the siuation tho more shouting and screaming on her behalf.

Then yer wan turns to me ''See you taxi driver i bet your laughing at this arent ya'' needless to say i kept stum. We get to thier road (thank fuck) she hops out and slammes the door on my Carina (I wasnt happy). Yer man pays me and turns and says ''thanks buddy good luck'' think you need the luck mate. Leaving the happy couples road looked in the backseat. Damp patch on me new leather (Bollix) musta been a drink spilled on her back and wiped off on my seats.

So it was a experess valet (leather wipes and and a dry rag) was back in the game baby!

Then at this stage i had to pick up my skin and blister from Barcode, no major goss there as my sister is the picture of innocence (yea right)

Picked up two more victims, from Howth later that night she hops in and says Baskin lane. I spoke aloud the route thu the back roads, Yer man eurrups at yer wan and says ''For fuck sake he's right there, we'll direct him if he gets lost'' and they proceed to have a full on bull & cow. Got to baskin lane and he hops out and i turned to yer wan ''Whats up with happy Harry'' She just laughs and appolgises for his behaviour.

I've had enough of the Divorce court for one night, got me brekkie roll at the port and was homeward bound.

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